Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walking Free

Are you a 'spiritual atheist?' Have you let go of the god of the books and embraced the power and presence that not only brought the universe into existence but is in fact the very essence of the universe itself? Have you discovered that you are a magnificent expression of that one power? Are you ready to recognize miracles all around you all the time? To wake up to the idea that miracles are NOT supernatural? That they are occurring right now, in your life, and that you may just not be observing them?

If you are ready to join the millions who are coming into the wonderful spiritual path called New Thought, then prepare yourself for an amazing, marvelous, and sometimes bumpy ride. This path asks you to let go of outside gods, devils, demons, and the like, and awaken to the Truth of who you really are. "Behold the [human] has become as one of us...." Genesis

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