Saturday, November 7, 2009

Health Care Reform: The Majority Wants It Now

I watched with interest this morning as Republicans in the House of Reps sought to frighten the public with more of their scare tactics about the current health care bill. To say that changing health care and adding a public option is worse than terrorism, Nazism, or Communism, and that any kind of socialized medicine will bring down the Union is complete nonsense. I'm a veteran. I have been using my VA medical benefits for years. VA benefits are socialized medicine, just like Medicare. So, I guess we should do away with those two forms of medical care, right? Just ask your WWII grandfather veteran if he wants to give his VA bennies. I think not.

If you are against health care reform--and you are entitled to your opinion--then you just do not understand what it's all about. You have bought into the lies and fear mongering of the ultra conservative Right. And they're wrong.

Health care reform now!

An Addendum, Nov. 8, 2009: The House passed the bill but just barely. Seems the Catholic bishops in so-called Blue states had a big part to play in convincing their conservative Dem Reps to vote no if any funds were consigned to abortion. OK, they have their opinion. But to tell a representative how to vote is against all things American. Sorry, Catholic church. Stay out of it.

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