Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union: Are Republicans Planning a Kick in the Teeth?

Yesterday's State of the Union Address by President Barak Obama was well structured, eloquent, on point, and capitulating. I heard a Republican tone beneath his cool Democrat demeanor. Cut taxes, spending freeze, higher war financing, and so on.

Pres. Obama must realize that he will never get any Republicans on his side. They are hell bent on his downfall. And have been, in many instances, quick to announce the fact. If body language is any indication, their lack of response during the Address speaks loudly.

So, my best guess is, he's thinking ahead to November. He wants to placate the conservative independent voter. He wants to make certain he's not too progressive for their tastes and nervous systems. 

In the mean time, he is slapping those who sent him to office in the face. No health care, no jobs, and of course, no punishing the banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical giants, the oil companies, etc. Oh, he did mention in passing the possibility of a little surcharge on the bank bailout loans. But lobbyists have a remarkable way of nipping those kinds of actions in the bud.

Lots of fluff, no real stuff. Promises like eliminating Don't Ask, Don't Tell, bringing home the Iraq war troops, and maybe considering high speed rail. Will we actually see any of those promises come to fruition? Remains to be seen. I actually do want him to succeed.

Today it's back to normal. 

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