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Peace Starts in the Mind: Creative Conflict Resolution for Anyone

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Changing our mind about conflict may seem like a daunting task. Still, seeing conflict as more than just pain but as opportunity is probably the only true way to peace in our hearts as well as in our world. Here's a new book you may find helpful.

Want a more peaceful world? Try rethinking the way you see conflict. Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution (Epigraph Publishing), the new book by Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson, gets right to the root of dispute and offers a step-by-step program for creative conflict resolution that goes beyond negotiation, mediation, and diplomacy. “Peace starts with how we think about conflict.” says Robinson, a counselor and United Church of Christ Minister. “We need to see conflict, not as something frightening or painful, but as an opportunity for creativity and transformation. When we resolve conflict creatively, we become happier individuals, and better spouses, workers, and citizens.”

News Release: Rhinebeck, NY (PRWEB) March 22, 2010 -- Epigraph Publishing is proud to announce the publication of "Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution" by Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson. Thinking positively about conflict isn’t as idealistic as it sounds: Robinson developed his program while working with some of America’s most violent men—and it worked for them. In association with the Masters and Johnson Institute and in his position as Clinical Director of an inner city program that does interventions, Robinson spent over twenty years working with men who batter and who commit violent assault. He realized that one common denominator with these men was the inability to handle conflict, and when he taught them his steps to creative conflict resolution, their lives transformed. As Robinson says, “If these simple techniques work for this difficult population they’ll work for anyone.”

Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution
Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution
Just Conflict helps readers gain greater confidence about their capacity to name, address, and resolve any conflict. “Once you realize you can handle any issue that comes up in a relationship,” says Robinson, “the thought of facing conflict no longer produces anxiety. Instead, conflict is seen as an opportunity for growth and greater understanding. The thing to keep in mind is that all conflicts can be resolved. In the process, we can change ourselves, our relationships, even our society.”

Filled with inspiring stories of actual clients, Just Conflict is also an easy-to-follow manual that shows every reader how to:
  • Remain calm and centered when facing conflict.
  • See clearly what the conflict is about and where it’s coming from.
  • Address the conflict creatively and assertively.
  • Create what you need without expecting or depending on others to change.
While Just Conflict is a valuable resource for mental health practitioners, social scientists, and politicians—or anyone who deals with conflict professionally—the book is really intended for ordinary individuals who want happier and more peaceful lives. “The first step of the journey to world peace begins at home,” says Robinson. “Just Conflict shows all of us, layman or professional, the way to creating greater understanding and more compassionate relationships.”

Now Executive Director of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution, Robinson has been hailed as a bringer of peace to warring factions of many kinds, successfully applying his Creative Conflict Resolution techniques to many diverse groups including major corporations, church congregations, and numerous families, as well as individuals. Whether your conflict is with a co-worker, your spouse, or the country across the border, the principles outlined in Robinson’s book will help you to make peace.

For more information about Dr. Robinson, and to learn more about his Center for Creative Conflict Resolution, visit www.creativeconflictresolution.org and www.justconflict.com

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  1. Thanks for posting this. If you are interested in a deeper look into the book Just Conflict, you can check out the site at JustConflict.com.

    Mark Lee Robinson


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