Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Thought Sunday Message April 4, 2010: An Easter Meditation

Being Present: The Key to Personal Resurrection

Fast or slow, incremental or transformational, your life is always changing. These changes can be challenging, sometimes stressful, always inevitable.

Imagine having the ability to surf the changes of your life like waves in the ocean. By being present and mindful, you have the opportunity to choose how you respond and influence your circumstances, instead of simply reacting and being carried away by the events in your life.

You can learn to transform stressful situations by making your own choices about how you will respond. By using the awareness of your breath, mind, and body, you can develop clarity and the ability to improve your life.

Mindfulness also helps you develop the mental flexibility to become more focused and to see the big picture. It can also increase creativity, interpersonal communication, and stability.

Fortunately, mindfulness is not something you have to “get” or acquire. We all naturally have the capacity to be mindful. By developing the skills in attention and moment-to-moment awareness, you can leverage this powerful resource of being present.

With all that in mind, relax a bit, take a deep, cleansing breath, open your eyes, and quietly take in the surroundings. This is the present moment, you are present in this moment, and more important, you are present with this moment, with this space, and with this amazing planet. Now, close your eyes. Take another deep breath, and spend a few moments in mindful contemplation of your present world. You are always in the present moment. It is your choice as to whether or not you will be mindfully present in this moment. It is great gift. Use it wisely.

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