Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your Fear Is Calling. Are You Listening? (New Thought Sunday Message 10/31/10)

"Fear can save lives and fear can paralyze. Like everything else in nature, fear is neither good nor bad. It carries a message. We have the freedom to listen to the message and the power to decide what we want to do." 

I found this bit of wisdom in a neat little book called The Wealth in Questions by Kris Tabetando (2008). Often, we think fear is a bad thing, that somehow the goal is to be totally fearless. Well, that's probably a pipe dream. Even my Buddhist friends tell me fear can be an asset if you choose to view it that way. And the interesting thing is, once you befriend your fears, acknowledging their usefulness, you move into a new way of handling all of the little annoyances that come to you during the course of your day. Fear, then, is no longer The Boss. You become The Master. Here are a few simple steps to begin the process:

  • Seek to become your best. You have much to offer the world. You do yourself and the world a great disservice by allowing fear to keep you from sharing your gifts and talents.
  • Be kind. Everyone you know, everyone you see is in the midst of a great battle. In simple kindness, you allow them--and yourself--a moment of relief. 
  • Question your own motives. Old habit patterns deep within you may be negatively influencing your choices. Bring them to the surface. Observe them. Are they in control? You'll know by how much they try to hide from your conscious gaze.

Fear is a natural survival mechanism. But most of us see it as an enemy. When we decide--choose--to see fear as an ally, it no longer controls us. 

It's a matter of changing your mind.

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