Sunday, December 11, 2011

So, What Has President Barak Obama Actually Accomplished So Far? Anything? Take a Look...

 Barak Obama - President of the United States of America
Yesterday afternoon, oh, around five-ish, I was getting myself a light snack. Some nuts and seeds, a cup of English Breakfast tea, and a chocolate mint, to be exact. I sat down, turned on the TV and saw the announcement that at 6 p.m., there would be another of those pesky Republican presidential candidate debates on ABC. "Oh, well, it's Saturday and not much else on." Watched it. Very entertaining. Comedic, almost. And no one came off as being exactly presidential material. I know they're trying, but so far, no good.

The group did, as a whole, do their best to ridicule the current president. I heard a lot of really tacky and untrue stuff coming from their mouths. So, just to balance everything out, I have decided to share again the many accomplishments that Pres. Obama has under his belt so far. And after the mess left by the previous administration, he has done an amazing job. Check out this site, read, learn, and be humbled by how much your president has been serving you:

When you've looked it over, come back and leave a comment or two, positive or negative. I'd really be interested in your point of view.

In the mean time, have a great week and enjoy the Season.

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