Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Help Your Conservative Colleagues Understand How Misguided They Are...

Conservative? Then here are 20 lies you need to be aware of...Now!

The extreme conservative mindset is one hard nut to crack. But, we cannot stop trying. We are always open to the idea that one person we touch may actually open mind and heart to new realities, new possibilities, new ways to relate to our world. So, with that in mind, I offer this enlightening article from Addington that can help you open your mind, or if you're already progressive, give you enough info to carry the message forward. First, a clip from the article itself:

--- Lie #6) Not only are conservatives more patriotic than liberals, but most American liberals “love” America in about the same way that a wife-beater loves his wife. 

In 2008, a black man was elected to the White House in a fair and open election. It was not a suspiciously close vote that required the conservative Supreme Court to stop a recount and give the election to the Republican candidate. The Democratic Party won a super majority in the Senate (but only for eight months) and a large majority in the House. What did the “patriotic” right do? Immediately started to scream that it wasn’t fair and it wasn’t right and they wanted their country back. The GOP (ab)used the filibuster more than any other time in history, death threats against the president spiked and right-wing militias dramatically increased in numbers, along with foiled plots to start a revolution. Right Wing politicians started talking about secession and “second amendment remedies” and Rush Limbaugh stated, publicly and repeatedly, that he hoped Obama would fail.

If THAT’S what a conservative considers “patriotism,” they’re delusional. Patriotism is more than wearing a lapel pin. It’s more than polishing your gun and swearing to shoot the first federal agent that steps foot on your land. It’s more than wrapping yourself in the flag while screaming “I hate that nigger!” at Fox News.  It’s more than being against something. You have to stand for something besides your own petty little needs. Conservatives have forgotten this, if they ever knew it the first place.--- Justin Rosario

If you really love America, then remember this:

We're all in this together. Or we fail.

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