Monday, March 26, 2012

A Romney White House: What To Expect From A Mormon President

LDS Temple, Utah, USA
Gov. Mitt Romney is an odd duck. He's rather out of touch with the average working American, has no real concept of what living from paycheck to paycheck means, and he openly flip flops on social and policy issues--continually! He was pro-choice, then not. He was pro-gay marriage, then not. He was pro-mandated health care, then not.  The list goes on and the flip flops are legion. And, if we are hearing him right, he's ready to go to war with Iran the day after he's inaugurated. He'll probably flip flop on that as well.

But, this is not about Romney, the candidate. This is about Romney, the Mormon.

As a voter, perhaps a traditional Christian voter, you may want to have a working knowledge of this rather strange and specifically American religious path. Here is a site that will give you a few guidelines on how to approach your Mormon friends and acquaintances. Mind you, the site is biased in favor of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--The Mormons--but you will get a fairly well rounded idea of the man from Massachusetts who wants to be your president, even though the site is not actually a Romney bio.

(Please note, I am not presenting any contrary commentary or anti-Mormon websites here. If you want contrarian views on the LDS church and its aims, there are plenty of sites that will be more than willing to accommodate you.)

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