Saturday, September 22, 2012

The 'Truth' About the Law of Attraction, Part II (Guest Article) - M. D. Berry

Part II 


When two pieces of a puzzle come together, you get more of the picture, and progressively you are able to put more and more of the picture together.

When two opposites come together, they amplify each other. If the opposites do not match, then the union can be a rather unpleasant experience, similar to trying to force the wrong puzzle piece into a space meant for another. Though the piece may be similar to the correct one, it is still not right, and hence trying to fit it in is a difficult and potentially painful experience. But when it’s the right opposite, it’s perfect. Not in the sense that everything is the same, but that everything lacked is fulfilled by another. This is why, in the case of relationships, you’ll see a couple who are obviously not the same in personality, but get along very well, and with a deep understanding of one another. Even in cases of couples who appear to be very much alike, one will fill the lack of the other: For example – a pair of outgoing people are together. One is very eloquent and comfortable in one on one situations and under those circumstances is very friendly, but they cannot speak in front of an audience. The other partner can talk to anyone but is uncomfortable in a truly one on one situation, but loves talking to groups.

This amplification will also show up in flaws, strengths, emotions, thinking, etc. In short, in every area of their existence.

When we have a more materialistic need that requires fulfilling, the same thing occurs. For example, money amplifies money: When we have a certain level of income, we are able to obtain more of it at that same level. However, if we want or need more than the level we have, we must create the space for it, and we’re back to the Law of Tessellation.

Why is this so? This is a creative universe, not a duplicative one.

Creation is, by definition, originality. That means that everything, and everyone and every life is unique, with unique patterns of need, ability and fulfillment. Without this uniqueness, there is no contribution, and therefore no need for creation.

Each living thing has a profound lesson to learn and a profound teaching to impart. Even when it seems to be something that has been done before, there is an opportunity for a new and perhaps more relevant perspective.

You may think that this “can’t” apply to you. But it invariably does. You may not go out and tell the world, but you will share it with someone at the right time. It could be a child who’s feeling angry or defeated, and what you impart could be simply that they’re valuable despite how they’re feeling right then. For all you know, they learn from this that they’re always valuable, or that negative feelings pass, and down the road, because of your words, they achieve something valuable personally, or for others.

Continued in Part III


  1. I like your post and agree with what you say. This Universe is a creative one, and it does not duplicate. Each pine needle on a Pine Tree is completely unique, having it's own experience - much like we are. (Even though are experiences are quite different, it's still experience)

    The Universe responds to our vibrations, because it is a vibration - or a thought. Everything you see sprang from a thought. Therefore when you think a thought, and practice that thought, the Universe will respond to that thought, and *you* will manifest what it is you have been thinking about - this is how powerful your mind is!

    The nature of your thoughts, negative VS positive
    will attract like experiences with people and places.

    There is no other way, because you are the one creating your reality.


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