Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lost Freedoms: A Conservative White House and Your Fate

If you truly believe in freedom and social justice, please know that...

The new Supreme Court under a conservative White House will take away a woman's right to choose, reinstate ban on gays in military, consider overturning Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, and give religion a greater say in public policy (including a personhood amendment that will limit your contraception choices and no abortion in any circumstance, including rape, incest, and the life of the mother, plus an anti-marriage equality amendment to the US Constitution, ensconcing prejudice in that noble document forever). They will open Citizens United even wider, and will dismiss most challenges to corporate drilling in national parks and wetlands. 

And a conservative White House will continue to outsource jobs and lower taxes on the very rich. They will also eventually privatize all schools, prisons, Medicare, Social Security, and Veteran's Benefits. Medicaid will be a thing of the past. They will slash education funding and eliminate all healthcare benefits currently provided by both state and federal agencies. Worst of all, the new cabinet will be made up those same Bush era people who got us into two wars we have yet to pay for, justified torture and the killing of thousands of civilians, and caused the nation to nearly go into complete bankruptcy by 2008, bleeding 800,000 jobs just in the last month before the election. And then, insult added to injury, they bailed out the very CEOs who kicked the nation in the teeth in the first place. They'll do it again, you can 'bank' on that.

One final insult: War is big business to a conservative administration. 

That's what's in store if you return a conservative administration to the White House. 

For your own sake and sanity, 


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