Sunday, June 28, 2009

A New Life

“Today I enter a new life. The many paths of opportunity are open wide before me. Something within me is alert and aware. My will, my thought, my imagination feel and sense new possibilities for expression. New ideas and new ways of doing things come to me. I recognize opportunity when it presents itself. I know what to do under every circumstance and in every situation. There is a deep feeling within me that all is well. I am ready and willing to give my best to life and life gives its best to me in return. I believe Divine Power indwells every positive, powerful thought and feeling. I live in the Divine Presence, which flows through everything. I am guided by Infinite Intelligence and I live this day in complete joy, light, and love. I know that every tomorrow is alive with the Good that is eternally available to me and to everyone.”

Each of us is a spark in the Eternal Presence we call God. As we open our minds and hearts to that Exquisite Reality, our daily lives unfold in new and exciting ways. And if we remain available and receptive, the gifts of the universe pour into our experience as miracles. We are truly blessed. 



  1. Here!!! Nina The Auracle of Asheville...My hat's off to you good sir!!


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