Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rise of the Anti-Semites: So, What's New??

Once again, Jews are the Bad Guy!

i subscribe to an online news release website. With this morning's offerings came the following headline:

Author Gary Jouett II Releases New Book Detailing Shocking Evidence that Proves the Antichrist Will Be Jewish

After reading the entire news release, it became apparent that the author, even though claiming not to, was presenting another bash in the long history of anti-Jewish rhetoric.

Again, from the news release: According to Professor Jouett, the book took more than a year to research and write. "This book was definitely a work that I was inspired to write, given the current state of our world economy and the cry for New Light," he stated.

Christians have been accusing all kinds of people of being the antichrist over the last 15 or 16 centuries. Kings, popes, business leaders, Muslims, you name it. But the biggest suspect has always been a Jew.

Loving, caring Christians have been bashing Jews since the Early Church days. Many in America were glad to see the Nazis leading those death marches to the ovens and concentration camps before and during World War II. It appears not much has changed.

I recall members of my own family--all of them "good" Christians--back in the 1950s bitching about how the Jews were destroying America, how they had to be stopped, and how God had used Hitler to begin the process. The only reason Hitler didn't succeed, according to one of my relatives, was because he also killed too many good Allied Christians. God hated the Jews for not accepting Jesus as their Messiah. He intended to bring his wrath down upon them. I bought into it for a while (I was a kid, for God's sake!). Fortunately, not for long.

Most of the churches I attended as a young person also upheld the idea that God's worst wrath was being prepared for the un-Christianized Jews.

Rumor has it (you can find radical websites* about this all over the Internet so no big news, right?), there are currently groups of radical Christians who want to blow up the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem so the Jewish temple can be rebuilt, thus hastening the return of Jesus and the setting up of his earthly kingdom from that city. The belief is, no Second Coming until that temple is up and running. Of course, the Jewish leadership will be furious if the Dome goes up in smoke. (Talk about your international incident!) Out of that group of nasty Jews, according to some, will come, supposedly, the antichrist. And then, Apocalypse Now.

One more quote from the news release: Although the book claims to provide the strongest proof that the Antichrist has to be Jewish and what his literal name will be, the author assures the readers that there are no anti-Semitic motives behind the work.

Give me a break, Gary Jouett II. Your book is just another mean-spirited weapon in the Christian arsenal, aimed at the heart of Judaism, and ready to fire no matter the cost. You just can't--won't--let it go. And you are dead wrong on all counts.

I'm all for freedom of the press; you can write whatever drivel you want. It remains, however, that you and your ilk are the real danger in this world.

I say this without equivocation: Boycott Jouett's book.

*Click on title of this post to go to a great story in the Jerusalem Post on the rebuilding of the Third Temple.

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