Tuesday, September 8, 2009

(A New Thought Entry) Who Can Save the World? Anyone? Guess What...

You're It!

It seems that, if you listen to the news, the world is falling apart faster every minute. Believe that if you so choose. Not me.

I have a stake in helping to save the world from itself. And the way I do that is to remind you all that you are the Answer.

Arrogant? Naw, not really.

Those of us who are New Thought teachers and students know that there is a social and economical tipping point. (Read Malcolm Gladwell's works.) We also know there is a spiritual tipping point.

When we decide to see the world as healthy and whole, it is not pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. When we change our minds about the state of things, the state of things changes.

I will keep pushing that idea, that possibility, that agenda to the day of my death. I know in my heart of hearts that, as we change our minds, we change our lives, we change our communities, we change our world.

It really is up to you. The world awaits. We need you. So...

Quit complaining, quit whining, quit worrying. Come and save the world!

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