Monday, October 26, 2009

So, Is Barak Obama Keeping His Promises?

Lots of opinions about the president. He isn't keeping his campaign promises. He hasn't had enough time. He's in the pockets of the corporations already. He said he'd end the wars. We really need the public option health care. And on and on...

Here's my take:

No matter what you might believe about the president, no matter what you think he has or has not accomplished since taking office in January, one thing is certain. He has brought the corporate mud to the surface. They have been showing their true colors. He is rattling some cages, both in Washington and on Wall Street. The Status Quo is up in arms. Good thing, too. They had too much control--and they want to keep it. So keep an eye on them, Barak. Shake them up even more. Let us see who's been taking advantage of us through insurance and medicine and banking and food and oil and....

Shake 'em up, Mr. President. You have my prayers and best wishes.

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