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New Thought Sunday Message May 2, 2010: Law of Attraction: Another View (Sort of...)

(Reprinted by permission)

By M.D. Berry

I watched The Secret, and I have to say that there were parts of it that were quite correct and well presented. However, there were some other parts that were flat out wrong. So, here I will present what I’ve learned in my life as regards this.

The Law of Attraction is about the capacity of consciousness to change reality in order to enrich our personal experience. It is the expression of need within the structure of emotion and concentration. Without the emotion, there is no recognized need by the consciousness that pervades the universe and therefore no fulfillment of what is desired. Without concentration, there is no clarity of what is needed, and therefore no fulfillment of that need.

When we need or strongly desire something and focus on it, concentrating, seeing it as ours, really feeling our desire for it, and finally, if we maintain this grouping of congruency, we find it in our lives. Why?

Popular literature states that it is because like attracts like: You are “attuning” yourself to the frequency of what you want so that in a sense, you become like what you are seeking. Likes DO NOT attract.

What is really happening is we are identifying what we do not have and then making a space for it in ourselves since there is already space for it in our lives (or we would already have it). This allows the new desire to fit within our space.

Have you ever put together a puzzle or admired some particularly nice brickwork? Then you know what a tessellation is: Regular or irregular shapes or combinations of shapes that interlock completely to cover a surface or plane. But it is the irregular types that we really need for this discussion. Why? Because it best describes how we fit in our world and how we’re able to manifest what we want.

In putting together a puzzle, pieces have “receptors” and “projectors”, so that a complete picture can be made from what is lacking and what isn’t. This is the balance of life. We do not need the love of our lives if we’ve already found it. Nor do we wish for our dream home when we already live in it. It is these that would be cases of likes attracting.

We want something. We create within ourselves the “shape” necessary to receive it. This is done through our desire (feelings), concentrated focus, and visualization of what is wanted. Our expectations bring it the rest of the way and we find it in our lives. Sounds the same? Well, in point of fact, what we’re doing is creating a need or empty space, that demands fulfilling: Nature abhors a vacuum, and so rushes in to fill it, but the only thing that fits that vacuum is the object of our desire. We “firm up” the walls of our “receptor” through the clarity of vision, strength of desire, and congruency of expectation (belief).

This is a case of mirror images, or type of opposite. And opposites do indeed attract.
This applies to everything: Relationships, material possessions, society, in short, any kind of construct you care to name.

When two pieces of a puzzle come together, you get more of the picture, and progressively you are able to put more and more of the picture together.

When two opposites come together, they amplify each other. If the opposites do not match, then the union can be a rather unpleasant experience, similar to trying to force the wrong puzzle piece into a space meant for another. Though the piece may be similar to the correct one, it is still not right, and hence trying to fit it in is a difficult and potentially painful experience. But when it’s the right opposite, it’s perfect. Not in the sense that everything is the same, but that everything lacked is fulfilled by another. This is why, in the case of relationships, you’ll see a couple who are obviously not the same in personality, but get along very well, and with a deep understanding of one another. Even in cases of couples who appear to be very much alike, one will fill the lack of the other: For example – a pair of outgoing people are together. One is very eloquent and comfortable in one on one situations and under those circumstances is very friendly, but they cannot speak in front of an audience. The other partner can talk to anyone but is uncomfortable in a truly one on one situation, but loves talking to groups.

This amplification will also show up in flaws, strengths, emotions, thinking, etc. In short, in every area of their existence.

When we have a more materialistic need that requires fulfilling, the same thing occurs. For example, money amplifies money: When we have a certain level of income, we are able to obtain more of it at that same level. However, if we want or need more than the level we have, we must create the space for it, and we’re back to the Law of Tessellation.

This is a CREATIVE universe, not a duplicative one. Creation is, by definition, originality. That means that everything, and everyone and every life is unique, with unique patterns of need, ability and fulfillment. Without this uniqueness, there is no contribution, and therefore no need for creation.

Each living thing has a profound lesson to learn and a profound teaching to impart. Even when it seems to be something that has been done before, there is an opportunity for a new and perhaps more relevant perspective.

You may think that this “can’t” apply to you. But it invariably does. You may not go out and tell the world, but you will share it with someone at the right time: It could be a child who’s feeling angry or defeated, and what you impart could be simply that they’re valuable despite how they’re feeling right then. For all you know, they learn from this that they’re always valuable, or that negative feelings pass, and down the road, because of your words, they achieve something valuable personally, or for others.

On a material level, we seem to have some strong concepts / constructs surrounding how limited the universe is and as a result, how limited its provision for our needs. We believe this is a realistic depiction based on an allegorical mirrored reflection of ourselves. We look at the terrible need of the homeless, the poor, Third World countries, abused children and spouses, and so on, and what we think we see is the limited capacity of the universe to provide for human needs. What we are in fact seeing, is the limited capacity for giving between one human being to another, and the incapacity to expect more from life.

The consciousness that pervades this universe has no such limitation: If it can fulfill all that expectation of negativity, it can equally fulfill all the positivity we can or could ever dream up. And the more we dream up that’s positive, the more there is to go around. It’s exactly like love: the more you give, the more there is. There is no limitation beyond the ones we construct. In this respect, all the literature you find on this subject is quite correct. But we need to understand something about this consciousness: It has a personality (or it wouldn’t be a consciousness, just as you wouldn’t be), and it responds much as a parent might. You expect the worst, so you behave accordingly (not your best, in other words). Then the parent responds appropriately to that behavior. When we try better behavior and set ourselves higher expectations, things begin to change.

Without emotions there is no need. With no need, there’s nothing to fulfill. Without clarity of intent (concentration and visualization), the need becomes muddled and diffused, and is again unfulfilled.

In The Secret we are told that powerful negative experience doesn’t matter. If what is meant is that it doesn’t affect one’s ability to manifest, then they’re quite right. If, however, the experts are referring to manifesting what is really wanted, then they’re quite wrong: It does matter.
They also state in The Secret that anything negative that’s happened in your life, you manifested.

Picture this: A child who is abused for many years (extending into adulthood) by both parents, is isolated (as most abuse victims are), and then is told by society that it’s wrong to feel the way they do about the people who did this to them (“you should forgive them”), how confused are they going to be about what they want? What will their expectations be? Where does a positive reference come from? Also, how do you think they feel when they’re told they manifested a life of pain from childhood as The Secret tries to state? This was the experience of my life, and they were saying it didn’t matter and I created it!

This is of course, patently ridiculous. No child “manifests” that kind of negativity for themselves. For one, they are way too self-centered to do that: The whole universe rotates around them, just watch a two or three year old. They expect to be loved and treated like royalty and the first thing they need to be taught is about the needs of others as well their own – which they know well.

So what to do if this is you, as it was me?

The following are suggestions that are generalizations that most can apply to their lives. I have applied each of these to my own.

Recognize that what happened to you is valid: Unpleasant, painful, difficult, but valid. If you can’t do that for yourself, I do it now: Your life, as it has been experienced, is valid.YOUR LIFE, AS IT HAS BEEN EXPERIENCED, IS VALID. The value of that experience is up to you: You mold the meaning.

Recognize the value of the lessons learned and the skills you developed. For instance, you might be able to “read” people or situations very well. You know how not to treat others.
Decide who you are going to be. DO NOT leave this to others and if someone is or has told you how “bad” or “awful” you are as a person, know it is a lie.

Own what belongs to you – discard the rest. If you spill something and get beaten for it, that DOES NOT belong to you. If you listen to all the negativity directed at you when you are old enough to choose otherwise, that DOES belong to you.

Learn to find what you can to be grateful for, no matter how small. The Secret really was right about this one. This teaches you to see more of what you want and less of what you don’t. It WILL eventually become more and more of what you want.

Have patience and compassion with yourself and those around you because the expectations you’ve been taught are difficult and take time to overcome.

Set yourself goals that you can achieve apart from any toxicity. Write, learn to play an instrument (cheap or otherwise depending on your circumstances), run, anything that you can learn to be good at away from any negativity. If a big goal is too much to believe you can do, pick a small one. This will give you positive feedback about yourself.

Goals are sometimes difficult for those of us with this kind of past / life. So, with goals, clearly define in your heart what is you’re trying to be achieve. Then take note of the emotional weight of what is trying to be achieved against why you are trying to achieve it. The one with the greater weight will win. If they are of nearly equal “weight”, the universe will try to fulfill both, even if they conflict.

Trust me when I tell you that the consciousness that runs through our universe is benevolent. Not neutral. Benevolent. The universe is a good place to be. It wants the best for you, and for you to be your best.

It doesn’t matter what kind of life you end up living in the sense that you are an unlimited conscious being living in an unlimited conscious universe. This gives you the power to create anything you want.

We are each uniquely valuable and have something to give: It may be material, emotional, or spiritual and each of them is equally valid and important. We are also unique in our specific needs and abilities. Another’s need can be the fulfillment of our abilities. And of course, the reverse is also true. We need each other for the uniqueness we each bring to the table of life. This is the generosity spoken of in the great teachings found around the world.

Only we (with the enormous help the universe provides) can make the world into the better place we all say we want. I believe it provides all the materials we will ever need, but it is up to us how we will use those supplies. We can shape all kinds of realities out of them, including a world where kindness, happiness, and fulfillment prevails. Don’t you think that’s just what the universe might be trying to show us?

To help you on your path to achieving the Secret, there’s a book by a man named Charles F. Haanel that has the information you really need. The work he is most famous for is what made Napoleon Hill successful and many others. It does require you to think and make a serious effort, but if you do, you will see results. I include it here for you. To read it you will need 
Adobe Acrobat Reader, or another PDF reader.

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