Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Thought Sunday Message April 25, 2010: Saving the World--You Are the Answer!

How to REALLY Help the World

You look for ways to serve the world. You give a little money at church. You send a donation to your favorite charity. You may even volunteer a couple hours a week. You don’t litter. You recycle. Good for you.  The world needs every bit of your assistance, now more than ever. So…

Here are a few more simple ways to really help the world that you may not have considered. When you get ready to buy something—anything—think to yourself, “Do I really need this?”

1. Remember, the more you buy, the more likely you’ll be jeopardizing the earth’s non-renewable resources.

2. Take a good look at the packaging. How wasteful is it? Where will you have to dispose of it—through recycling or tossing it into the landfill?

3. Begin the process of consciously creating a socially responsible living space. Your house, your patio, your garage, your yard. They all play a part in the health of the planet. Your wise choices in decorating, painting, building, and repairing make a major difference in the well-being of the earth.

4. Do you spend without much thought? Or are you releasing your money and time as a world citizen? A dollar may not go far these days, but it will still go. Send it in a life-enhancing direction if you can.

By now, you’ve heard about as much as you thought you needed to hear about such things. I know. Me, too. Still, it never hurts to be reminded to simply observe how you are moving through the world, how you are leaving a certain kind of footprint. That’s all. You know the rest.

“Almost the entire world is asleep. Everyone you know, everyone you see, everyone you talk to. {The few people who} are awake…live in constant, total amazement.” From Joe vs. the Volcano

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