Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I Love New Thought and Why This Path Can Change Your Life...

If you feel safe upon your spiritual journey, skip this. However, if you are unsure, uncertain, and even a bit fearful, New Thought may be the path you've been seeking. Only one way to find out...

I am often asked, "What exactly is New Thought?" Here's how I answer.

New Thought is
  • The art and science of opening the heart, mind, and spirit to new possibilities.
  • The recognition that everything is interconnected and that nothing is every truly lost or separated from the One Creative Source of the universe (All That Is).
  • The greatest gift we give to the world is our compassion in action and all we do, all we give, is returned to us in high measure. It's the Law and the Love.
There are those who will suggest that the 'punishment factor' is missing. You're right. It is. There is no punishment, only results and outcomes. The Law is impersonal. The Law is consistent. And most of all, the Law is trustworthy.

I get a great sense of freedom, joy, and even personal responsibility from this New Thought way of life. But you are free to believe, to seek, to live as you choose. New Thought does not condemn you because you follow another voice, another path, another way. Why would we?

"My life is blessed and I share it with the world."

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