Sunday, September 11, 2011

How You Can Create World Peace - A 9/11 Special Report

"The agenda of the Third Millennium is to strip down religions to their spiritual experience, developing practices and processes that awaken people instead of boring them, that bring out the gifts of the community."  Matthew Fox

Can there be peace in such a violent world? What power, if any, do we as individuals have to influence peace one way or the other? Turns out, we have plenty.

It all begins with complete and total self-centeredness.

Yes, self-centeredness. Or self-interest. Or high self-esteem. Or, well, call it what you will. It's healthy selfishness, first and foremost, that leads to both inner and outer peace. Stay with me and you'll see why.

First, make your own personal happiness the number one priority of your life. When you are truly happy, you will not be doing all those things that unhappy people do, like greed, grasping, grabbing, fear, fighting, revenge, retaliation, anger, arrogance, angst, complaining, gossiping, one-upping, or any of a gaggle of other goofy approaches to living within the human community. And the happier you are, the more you touch the world in healthy ways. You are no longer the center of attention. Paradox? Contradiction? Hardly.

(You notice I didn't say be happy. I said make it the number one priority. The way will show itself.)

Second, practice the most selfish path that the gods ever delivered to the human race: Compassion.

(Ah, the way just showed itself...)

Can compassion be defined in such a simple way that it cannot be misunderstood? Don't know for certain, but giving it a good try right here, right now.

Compassion is not an emotion. It is a practice. It is Love in Action. It is a choice, a decision, a commitment. You may feel good about it, but the emotional component is an added attraction, not the main event.

In a nutshell, do the least harm and the most good.

As you continue your consciousness raising practices, whatever those are, simply insert this phrase in with them somewhere any time you think about it. Write it down, carry it with you. Make it a habit and soon you'll begin to notice a difference in how you observe and move through the world. As you make a conscious choice to withdraw any harm in any of its insidious forms and add all the good you are capable of adding, without being pushy or intrusive, your life begins to take on the following qualities:
  • Inner peace. 
  • A heightened sense of worthiness.
  • Increased sense of ability, possibility, and accomplishment.
  • Spontaneous joy.
  • You'll allow yourself to be a bit more vulnerable, taking a bit more risk.
  • You'll find yourself forgiving without even thinking about it.
  • You may even become a bit less serious and more playful. (There are those in your life who would really appreciate that, eh??)
  • You will experience a new sense of gratitude. You won't be forcing it. No one will have to tell you to be thankful. You will find yourself walking in gratitude at all times. And within that state of consciousness is a new world. Miracles become apparent and plentiful. You'll wonder how you had been missing them.
  • Everything sparkles because you're now having more and more aha! moments as Nature's not-so-secret secrets willingly and gleefully reveal themselves to you. In fact, they roll at your feet like a happy puppy.
You may be one of the millions who have been clamoring for world peace, even fearful it may never or can never happen. Now you know you have the power and with it, a surefire way of helping peace to come upon the earth.

Compassion. The way to peace in the world and in your own heart. Guaranteed for life so start now. You'll be glad you did.

It all starts with a good dose of healthy selfishness.

Keep me posted on your progress. I love a good laugh!

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