Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Just Don’t Know, Or, When Ignorance Is A Blessing

The Mystery...

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” -Stephen Hawking

Each morning, I wake up ignorant. And each morning, I say a word of gratitude for that amazing reality.

There was time, not too long ago, that I would have said it’s possible to actually know something about life, about the world, about the universe. Now I realize it’s a continual awakening, that every moment of existence presents new and powerful challenges to the status quo, to my personal view of things.

That’s how it should be. Anything less would be stagnation.

I sit in this room, in front of this computer, a very different person than I was even just a few short years ago. I think differently, I look differently, even my tastes in furniture and books and people have changed. If I were under a microscope, I could see myself changing. But I’m not, so I make an assumption. Hope I’m right.

As long as I draw breath, I will marvel at all that comes my way, mysterious though it is. Then, one day, I’ll simply close down, disappear. The journey will end and I will make room for all kinds of new.

And that will be much OK, too. The idea of eternal existence as the same person has never really appealed to me. I think, though, that the energy that made me what I am all these years will still be around. It was here to make me when I arrived, so why would I think it would just go poof? In some way, I will remain and maybe even rise again in some new form.

But I won’t know for certain that I’ve done it before. In fact, I won’t have done it before. It, I, the universe will all be brand new.

Such is life. Such is the Mystery.

“Today, I open my mind and my heart to whatever presents itself to me. And I will use it, even abuse it, but definitely release it as the day draws to a close. Whatever remains tomorrow, I will use again. And release again. And I will share myself with the world. I remain ‘eternally’ grateful.”


  1. I used to think that ignorance was bliss, because at one point I was ignorant to the magical world around me. Knowing what I know now, even though sometimes I wish I could be ignorant to it, my world is no longer the same. I know that there's a secret in the space between, that there really isn't space between! All I can say, is that it's amazing.

  2. I appreciate your fine comment. My only caveat to those reading here is this: Let us not get caught up in the idea that we have some kind of secret knowledge. We don't. We only have our personal experience. And no one else can ever really know that experience, even if they experience something similar. But we can enjoy those experiences, learn from them, and move into new ones without becoming too attached to the old ones. And that can be difficult since we are such creatures of habit.

    Thanks again for your comments. They are appreciated.

  3. Richard,

    I enjoyed this immensely today. While I run my own site that espouses a sort of secret knowledge, that knowledge is ultimately teaching what you have said here today. I hope that makes sense!

    As a person that was taught from a young age that the Bible was the absolute word of God, I did what most children do. I embraced it, hard. And then my brain kicked in and I realized that everyone's experience was subjective. In a sense, doesn't that make us God?

    Anyway, great post.

  4. Thanks for the great comments. I know from whence you speak. As a lifelong student of the Bible, turns out, it was the Book itself that showed me how human it actually was and not some supernatural dictation from On High. Once that was established in my own consciousness, I was able to move on, move up, and move out of superstition, fear, and the idea that there could ever be a real place called hell where a non existent egotistical deity sends those who will not fall down and worship him, hoping he'll spare them from the Fires.

    Thanks again.

  5. I like what you said about life being this constant awakening, it definitely describes how I feel. We are all ignorant and all knowing. We are paradox trying to explain its self. I stole the last bit for a friend on twitter @LiftedConsciousness

    Good Read, Thanks'
    Mario Jones

    1. Yes. We are indeed a paradox

      Thx for the thoughtful comment.


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