Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Pope: God's Chosen, or Devil Incarnate?

Heresy of heresies...

The Protestant world has been calling the Papacy a grand and blasphemous heresy for centuries. This site will expose to you why such a call has been long and loud. Read it with a certain amount of detachment, if you can. It's detailed, extensive, and utterly amazing how determined the 'true' (read evangelical Protestant) church is to convince the world that the Roman Catholic Church is the spawn of Satan, The Book of Revelation's Whore of Babylon. Here's just a taste from the publisher of the site: 

"You will be genuinely shocked at what the author unveils! The first study gives ample Biblical as well as historic proof that the Apostle Peter could not possibly have been the first pope. I do allude to this reality in many areas on my site already using similar facts. However, I do appreciate the way this study puts all that data in one place. If you have not the time to read it all, suffice it to say there are two verses in the Word of God that expose this Vatican lie with childlike ease....."

So, get a glass of wine, a bit of cracker (or whatever), click on the link just below this line, and have a very good, and hopefully, enlightening read...

The REAL First Pope

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