Thursday, September 3, 2009

(A New Thought Entry) Kindness--The Way of Active Compassion

“Love’s opposite is not hate; it is indifference.”
Kindness is compassion in action. It is a way of taking the vital human emotions of empathy and sympathy and channeling those emotions into a real-life confrontation with ruthlessness, abandonment, thoughtlessness, loneliness—all of the myriad ways every single day we find ourselves suffering or witnessing suffering in others.”
Sharon Salzberg, The Force of Kindness

  • Kindness is the natural inclination of humanity, in spite of the appearances. Another word is ‘cooperation.’
  • Practicing kindness daily helps to develop a kindness mentality. Compassion without action is just pity. “When there is peace in the heart, it will find its way into the world.” Gandhi
  • There is an unnumbered amount of opportunities to practice kindness each day, each moment. Remember the list. (See Acts of Kindness—How to Create a Kindness Revolution – Meladee McCarty, Hanoch McCarty © 1994)
Your neighbor is your other self dwelling behind a wall. In understanding, all walls shall fall down. Who knows but that your neighbor is your better self wearing another body? See that you love [them] as you would yourself. [They] too are a manifestation of the Most High.”
Kahlil Gibran

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