Thursday, November 26, 2009

From "Unity News & Views - November 2009"

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The following excerpt is from The Quest by Richard and Mary-Alice JaFolla.
“There are so many things for which to be thankful once you begin to look.
“We can intellectualize about all of the things we have in our lives for which to be grateful. We can make lists, long lists, of the innumerable reasons we should give thanks. This is good because it helps us realize just how extremely blessed we are. We all have something, many things, for which to give thanks.
“Still the lists, the realizations, the words, are not enough. They are only helpful if they lead us into that feeling of thanksgiving. We need the feeling, the inner fullness of a grateful heart in order to tap that power within us.
“… It is your responsibility, then, to ignite the feeling of thanksgiving in yourself. … While you may be feeling ungrateful because of a present challenge, deep within you are the embers of thanksgiving, waiting to be fanned into full blaze. With enough fanning, an attitude of gratitude will easily become a habit."
Use Unity's November 2009 Prayer Service to help you "fan the flames" of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Blessing
God, we thank You for Your bountiful care of us, Your children. We thank You for every blessing that is ours, for our friends and loved ones, for work and play, and for food for mind and body. We ask Your blessing that we may realize our oneness with You and Your abundant good. Amen.

12 Powers

Live abundantly in 2010: Free resources 
to nurture your 12 spiritual abilities

Would you like to feel more fulfilled, centered and in charge of your life? In 2010, Unity will begin offering a number of educational resources to help you learn about the 12 spiritual powers you already possess. Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, identified these 12 gifts, which were expressed perfectly by Jesus and are present in every person. Beginning in January, a variety of resources will be offered free online to help you understand and apply one new power each month. Readings, a poster, affirmations, meditations, music and inspiring prayers will all be available at We invite you on this yearlong spiritual journey to tap into your divine power and more fully express the Christ within.

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