Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin? Really? Are You Serious, Tea Party People?

I love America. And that's in spite of her faults, which are legion. Only in America could a person like Sarah Palin, half governor of the great state of Alaska, actually be catapulted to such high status among the pseudo-political elite. And she has been rocketed to that stellar position by the so-called Tea Party "grass roots" movements (of which there are several competing and testy branches). Plus the press/media have been relentless in keeping her visible. She has become a political icon. And she's done nothing to deserve the position.

Recently, Ms. Palin lambasted White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for using the term "f***ing retarded" when describing plans to air certain ads. Sarah was up in arms and said Emanuel should be fired. Then, when it was pointed out to her that Republican boss and strong arm pundit Rush Limbaugh has used the same derogatory term, several times actually, she brushed it off as mere--what was the word? Oh, yeah--satire.

Two words: Two faced.

If any group or individual is seriously considering running Palin in the 2012 presidential elections, be ready to lose with style. That's your fate. Wear something black...

And Democrats, you had better hope that Palin IS the next candidate. Why? Because your guy is not doing so well. Unless his policies and practices and--more important--wins increase in the next few months, he will be heading south if the Republicans actually find a decent candidate. But what are the chances? The field is not only limited but virtually nonexistent.

Just to make things even more interesting, the Tea Party people even consider former presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul to be too liberal. 

As an independent, I have learned not to expect much from either party. Now that the Supreme Court has given financial carte blanche to the corporations (including foreign ones) to pour as much money as they wish into the election process in the US, the rest of us don't stand a chance.

Still, I love America. At the risk of sounding naive, she is still the world's best hope.

For now...

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