Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Your Words Help or Hinder: New Thought Sunday Message, May 30, 2010

“He who seeks to secure the good of others has already secured his own.” Confucius

I like Top Ten lists. I found this particular one in a great book called “The Words Can Heal Handbook” by Hillary Rich (Leviathan Press, 2002). Applying the message of this list will mean greater success for you on all levels. And it’s a powerful gift to others in your world.
  • Bite your tongue before you gossip; your tongue will hurt, but your friends won’t.
  • Stop from gossiping by changing the subject mid-sentence. Only you will notice.
  • Never say derogative things about yourself. People might agree with you [especially behind your back!]
  • Never use humor to put others down; joking around usually comes around.
  • Speak sweetly. If you must eat your words, they won’t taste so bad.
  • The gossip game always takes turns; to avoid being “it,” stop playing.
  • Trust builds, gossip topples. You own two ears; use them with discretion.
  • To get friends who won’t gossip about you, be the friend who won’t gossip about them.
  • Stamp out gossip by voting with your feet; just walk away when someone gossips. [No excuses here.]
  • And from the greatest of authors, Anonymous, “People are often the cruelest when they are right.”

Gandhi said, “You must be the change you would see in the world,” or something close to that. Right now, you have an opportunity to add a little peace to the world by remembering to say good things about others—and yourself. If you find that difficult, ‘tis best then to simply shut up.

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