Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Live Worry-Free (New Thought Sunday Message 12/12/10)

(I borrowed most of this from sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer and am giving him full credit for the ideas if not the exact words.)

The Great Reduction and Why You Want It...
  • You can reduce worry and stress significantly if you will just move more. Walk, jog, do Pilates, go to the gym. Something. Move. Nothing happens until you move.
  • And then, relax. Take a hot bath. Chat. Read. Watch a movie (at home).
  • Accept that worry is self-produced. Choose CONSCIOUSLY to move in a new direction. Try a little risk. That'll get the juices flowing.
  • Smile more. It's quite contagious. And when you're older, all your wrinkles will be in the right places.
  • You know, it pays to dig deep and find the real causes of your worry and stress. Sometimes, upon close examination, you'll find causes that may surprise you. But you won't know what (or who) they are unless you give yourself permission to get down and root them out.
  • Finally, laugh it up, share, surrender the small stuff (and most of the large) to the universe, and choose to be grateful. 
You'll be the biggest winner and the rest of us will benefit as well. Sometimes, you really annoy us with all that complaining!! (We still love you, though.)

As Kathryn D. Cramer wrote in Change the Way You See Everything, "Keep your senses wide open. Don't miss a detail, pattern, or nuance that will make the difference between just getting by and pulling out all the stops."


  1. This is so true!
    Facing the fear and rooting out the reasons for it...often the thing we most forget to do. Thanks Richard.

  2. Thanks, Louise. We often experience the fear; we are less apt to look for the reason. Your comments are appreciated, indeed.


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