Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thanksgiving Message: I Believe...

I believe the universe is deliberate, not accidental. I believe that everything is interconnected, that all people, animals, plants, planets, galaxies, and whatever else exists, are all part of The One. I am wise enough to admit that I do not know what the Power and Presence is that has created all this, but still, I accept that all is well, that no forgiveness on the part of the Creator of All That Is is necessary. 

We have our challenges, to be sure, but we have been created with the abilities and capacities to solve every one of them. If we don't, it's our choice; we will suffer the consequences. But those consequences are NOT inevitable. We can choose our way into paradise; we can choose our way into cooperation; we can choose our way into contribution, caring, and a commitment to each other and the world. But will we? That's the question. And no outside God is coming to save or condemn us.                    

Ultimately, our Source is Mystery. And I trust It completely.

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