Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hell Test (If you think you know something about hell, think again...)

Let me say here at the outset: I do not believe in a literal hell. I do not believe in a God who sees the necessity of having a place prepared for all those who do not believe a certain way. But not everyone agrees with me. However, there are some conservative Christians who don't buy into the hell thing either. I am suggesting to those of you who think you actually know something about not only hell, but about Christian salvation, to take a look at the link below by Gary Amirault at Tentmaker that will lead you through The Hell Test.
When you're finished going through this rather lengthy site and reference list, you will be more educated on the subject than just about anyone you know. After you study this site and its information, you will be much more aware and capable of discussing the subject. It will either wake you up or shake you up or both. You may disagree with the premise at the beginning. But once you have completed this journey, you won't be able to stand up for hell the way you use to, guaranteed. Still, you may be comfortable in your current belief system. That's OK. Stay there if you must. However, if you are a true seeker, then this is the most important place--as a Christian or one with an interest in things Christian--to begin. Good traveling and I hope to read your comments that you will share here.

The Hell Test  (Click on this link)

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