Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Spiritual Atheist: An Intelligent Universe without a God of Religion

I am a spiritual atheist,* which simply means that I do not believe in any kind of deity per se, but I do accept the universe as deliberate. That's where I end the comparison to any kind of religion. From that point forward, I turn to science.

Atheists have been accused of being angry 'disbelievers.' But that is a great misnomer. Atheists are acutely aware that we must create a deep sense of morality, since we cannot depend upon "Revealed Word" of "Inerrant Heavenly Law" to guide us on this journey. 

Atheists are among the most moral, caring, giving, and freedom loving people on the planet. We are also aware that many people loathe the idea that we can create a true sense of interconnection without some kind of outside deity, or even an inner deity for that matter. And we can and do love deeply.

Most atheists favor pro-choice, gay rights, racial equality, financial and opportunity equity, and of course, freedom of and from religion. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The universe is our oyster.

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