Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wow! Are You the Lucky One! (New Thought Sunday Message 5/15/11)

A New Thought Guide to the Galaxy...

The question: Why am I like I am? The Answer You've Been Waiting For: "The human brain is not a computer. The human brain is an irrational conglomeration of one system layered upon another. (All the animals we evolved from are there, in some fashion, in our brains.)" This is from The Healing Brain, edited by Robert Ornstein and Charles Swensionis (1990). 

There you have it. All of your animal natures are still residing within your brain and probably your body as well. Who am I, you ask? You are a product of a gazillion years and a jillion processes that have worked together to somehow get you here, to this place, in this moment, against all seeming odds, with you now reading these words. Was it a conspiracy? Maybe. Was it an accident? Hardly. 

Regardless of your religion, your non-religion, your race, sexual orientation or gender, you're here. You made it through some 14 billion years of cosmic construction to emerge into the being you see in the mirror. Every atom in your body came forth at the beginning of everything. Yeah, you read that right. You have been around since the dawn of time and space. And, since energy is neither created nor destroyed, you will, in one form or another, be around for eternity. That's not superstition; that's your reality. And every animal that has ever walked the planet--from the amoeba to the gorilla to the humpback whale who actually doesn't walk--is part of your being. And every plant, too, and all the water and chemicals and whatever else is hanging around "out there."

Celebrate. You are the universe expressing in a magnificent pinpoint called (insert your own name here). You are not separate from anything. You couldn't be. There is only One. And the best part? If you'll quit feeling sorry for yourself long enough, and quit being so goll darned fearful, you'll find that everything is open to you, available to you, and waiting for you to respond to it all. As shocking as it may seem, everything you want is here for the receiving. 

Lucky you.


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