Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Real Way to Getting What You Want--Faster, Safer, Cheaper--Now (A New Thought Flash...)

In New Thought, we talk a lot about changing our minds to get what we want. There is a way that works much better...

"Behavior is Mind driving body in fulfillment of the dominant thought."
Dennis Deaton, Mind Management

The simple message of this quote is to change your behavior. You may not always be able to change your mind on a dime, but you can change your behavior right now. Put down the cigarette; put down the cocktail; put down the needle. And put down the cake, the credit card, the coffee. Oh, and quit looking for everyone's approval. 

You're talking yourself into thinking you can't change your behavior. Quit listening. Better yet, quit talking.

Put it all down, right now, walk away. It's easier to act your way into new thinking than to think your way into a new action.

Change your behavior. Change your behavior. Change your behavior.

"Tell me what you say you want. Then, show me one week of your life and I'll tell you if you'll get it." Patricia Fripp, author, speaker

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