Friday, June 10, 2011

Warning to Women: Your Reproductive Rights on the Chopping Block (New Thought Sunday Message 6/12/11)

Pablo Picasso said, "There are only two kinds of women--goddesses and doormats." Which one are you?

Republican-run state governments around the country are acting as quickly as they can to clamp down on your right to choose, not only abortion in the case of rape or incest, but also contraception. That's right. These fuddy-duddy legislators--many of them also women--do not want you to have the rights that are guaranteed to you by the U.S. Constitution. Roe vs. Wade is under fire and states are finding ways to circumvent that 1970s amendment through various deceptive means. And they, apparently, will stop at nothing.

Republicans are the first to yell and scream and march against Big Government; yet, they want to interfere with your most basic and private choices: Pregnancy and your relationship with your doctor. 

You do have a voice. Contact your representative and/or senator, both state- and federal-level, to let them know that you demand your rights and that you want them to make certain that women are not shuttled backward to the 19th century. Don't wait. The Republicans know that they may once again lose the various state houses and Congress again next year. They want to push all this damning legislation through before that happens.

Your liberties on every level--and mine, too--are at stake.

For more information, contact the National Association for Women at

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