Friday, October 21, 2011

President Obama Keeps Promise to End Iraq War and Republicans Complain...Again

"Our species is far too clever to survive without wisdom."
E. F. Shumacher

Today, President Obama announced that the troops in Iraq will leave that country by the end of the year. It's what the nation has been waiting for since former President Bush declared victory on board that aircraft carrier back in 2003. And what are the Republicans doing? Bashing the President for doing what he promised to do.

There is only one word for that kind of response to the end of the Iraq war:


This war was illegal and immoral and senselessly killed hundreds of thousands of people, both American and Iraqi, along with Coalition Forces, and wounded even more.

I personally thank you, Mr. President, for taking this most decisive step. Our troops will have a very special holiday season, indeed.

"Each person sees only a fraction of the whole, but tends to identify the whole with the fraction." Richard Kent Matthews

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