Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Real (and Gruesome) Thanksgiving: A Little Bit of Troubling History

Well, what did you expect? 

I try to be as honest about my position as possible. I do not celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday anymore for a couple of reasons...
  1. I'm vegetarian. Friends and family now understand. It took a while. I used hear such things as, "Well, you can just eat the other stuff, like the dressing and yams and pie." No. Better to stay away from dinner on Thursday, let them enjoy their left-overs on Friday, and I will visit them on Saturday or Sunday. I have an aversion to that poor bird sitting in the middle of the table. I know what it had to go through to get to that 'honored' place. Again, no thanks.
  2. I am aware of how we got the whole Thanksgiving holiday in the first place and it isn't pretty. Here is a link that will give you as much info as you want or need to know:

We each must choose our path based on beliefs, desires, needs, and self-indulgences. I do not seek to judge you on this holiday if you choose to partake in the sharing of the bird. Just wanted you to know a little more about what you have chosen.

Blessings to you and yours on this 'special' day in America.

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