Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If Jesus Had Been Born Today, Would He Be Welcomed In The United States?

I recently read an interesting blog article that articulates the story of Jesus in a most compelling way, given the shouting down these days of US immigrants by the so-called followers of Christ. Here's an excerpt from the article. Click on the title above or the author's name below to view the lead-in and the redirection to the main body:

"Often, we Christians will call the birth of Jesus a humble one, when in reality it was a humiliating one. Giving birth in a barn is not quaint. It is an affront. Giving birth among the beasts is not, I would imagine, a joyful experience, but a degrading one. Giving birth as a member of an occupied nation, an oppressed people is not exactly what we think of as a history-changing event." David R. Henson (Jesus, Born of an Illegal Immigrant)

I hope you choose to read the entire article. And your comments here would be most appreciated.

Happy Holidays...

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