Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spiritually Speaking, Which Great Teachers Influence You The Most? A List To Help You...

I came across this interesting list and thought I'd share it with you. See if your favorite spiritual teacher is on it. If not, connect with the site owners and let them know. In the mean time, I like most of them and reading their works or watching their videos couldn't hurt!! Especially today, when everything seems all topsy turvy. You don't think so? Then you haven't been watching the US Republican presidential campaign.

Does the world scare you? Not me. I know that ultimately, all is well regardless of appearances. And these great teachers can help you change your mind about that fear. Enjoy.

By the way, they also include a Top Ten List at the site. See if you agree with their choices.

(P.S. I know he's not considered a spiritual teacher, but Larry Winget (technically a business guru) is among my favorites. He says it like he thinks it is, and makes more sense than some of the woo woo that passes for spiritual guidance. Check him out. I've linked his name to his site for your convenience.)

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