Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is America Lost? Not Yet...

A voice in the halls of Corporate Richdom: Let the peaceniks march, let the flower children sit in, let the women burn their bras. They keep the attention away from us. We are free to corrupt and cheat the system in any way we like while our purchased politicians pretend to be interested in what the unwashed masses have to say. Yes, my friend, there is a god. And he is Mammon, money, power. The 'people' do not stand a chance. They are heading in the wrong direction, unable to detect the political sleight of hand that keeps them off our backs. Thanks, America, you've been very good to us.

I read the above somewhere in the late 1970s. Seems it still holds true. So, the wake up call is not about violence or even peaceful protest. It's about information. And the guts of the Occupy Movement are doing that...looking into the REAL places of dirt and corruption, discovering the truly dark and murky crap in the halls of Congress and Corporation. They will do what we who've been tricked have not been able to do. 

Things are looking up.

If you love America and want her out of the hands of the corporate fat cats, the theocrats, and bobble-headed boobs (not all of them, mind you) in Congress, support Occupy in any way you can.

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