Friday, February 17, 2012

Is Heaven a Democracy?

You Christians keep dying to go to heaven. You say you want to leave this tired, corrupt old world. You want to sit at the feet of Jesus for the rest of eternity. There will be no sin, no sorrow, no death. Sounds great.
Or does it?
If you understand the God of the Bible, you will also know that he is not a president; he is a dictator. He commands, we obey. He metes out nasty punishments when we break his laws, laws that were not set up in some kind of constitution. 
He isn’t much different as a New Testament Father. In fact, your punishment is permanent. You never get out of jail. And it’s not necessarily because you’re a bad person. It’s also because you’re a Muslim or a Jew or a Hindu. Good people burning forever at the behest of the Great Tyrant.

Was Jesus different? Well, read him carefully. He was quick to point out that he did not come to do away with the Law of the Tyrant but to fulfill it. He recognized that the old way would pass and the new way would be real freedom. He would place responsibility for adherence to the Law in the heart of the individual. He would, in essence, teach the infamous Law of Karma—what goes around, comes around. Do unto others, etc.
But St. Paul, kiss ass that he was, suggested—nay, demanded—that the new Christians should remain loyal to the Roman authorities, that to rebel against them was to rebel against Christ himself. He suggested that women should subjugate themselves to men, that they should shut up in church, stay home, be quiet, cover their heads in public. Then, over in the book of 2 Timothy, 2:11-13, you will find a most interesting passage. In essence, the Elect will reign (read rule) with Christ, that is, if they are willing to accept all the suffering he had suggested.
A question arises: The vast majority of humans will have been cast into hell after all the Armageddon nonsense has passed, so whom will the Elect rule over? Each other? That sounds a bit like a democracy to me. And if so, can the Elect elect a new leader or is Jesus like former North Korean Kim Jong Il, Supreme Leader for Life, or perhaps the current Queen of England, monarch for life?*
Will the Elect ever truly be free or will they be in thrall to Jesus for the rest of eternity? Will they still have free will? Write a new world order constitution? A Declaration of Independence? Or will their brains have been programmed to be like children, worshipping the Great Deity for all time?
What do you think? I would like to know…
*Important note: The only character in the entire Bible that suggested real freedom from tyranny and actually set out to put it into practice was Lucifer. He chose to go his own way, to be his own person, to rebel against the Status Quo. The Great Dictator frowned upon that move and the rest is history.

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