Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are Christians a Persecuted People in America? Let's See...

Is God really Love?
These days, with the elections coming up, religion is out in the open again. And some of the voices in the evangelical and Catholic Christian communities are up in arms, saying that the 'liberals' are targeting and persecuting them. Well, listen up....

Christians sometimes seem and act like they're bigoted against almost everybody else! All you have to do is ask them. When they're honest, this is how it goes:
Do you like gays? No. They should all be put in prison. 
Do you think women should be equal with men? No. St. Paul said they should be in subjection to men. 
Does the Bible call Blacks inferior? Yes. God cursed them in the Old Testament. 
Should they have stayed slaves? Yes. St. Paul again: Slaves, obey your masters. 
Should all contraception and abortion be banned? Yes. Even if pregnancy is due to rape or incest. 
Do you think everyone who doesn't believe just like you will probably go to hell? Yes. For eternity. 
Does Jesus take sides? Yes. He has enemies. 
Does God hate certain people or actions? Yes.
Like Muslims? Yes. 
Like atheists? Yes. 
Like Sikhs? Yes. 
Like Hindus? Yes.  
Isn't God love? Yes, but he gets angry and punishes you if you don't behave. It's called Righteous Justice. 
Like a mean parent? Yes. But a smart one, a wise one. (Tongue in cheek? No. Serious!)
Does God hate racists? Uhhh.... 

Thanks for the interview. 

You're welcome.
True, Christianity is not monolithic, but the vast majority of conservative Christians will agree that at least one of the above questions and answers as true for them, probably many more than one.

My suggestion is this: Christians, you are more than two billion strong on Planet Earth. You have been bouncing--or should I say 'trouncing'--around the world for many hundreds of years seeking to indoctrinate the people with your dogmas and dare I say, your threats of damnation. You have succeeded in diminishing countless lives and spirits over the centuries. Even the ones who accept your teachings and like them see themselves as worthless sinners, saved only through the blood sacrifice of some deity two thousand years ago. 

So, persecuted? You? Not since Roman days. Stop doing persecution yourself and no one will ever complain about you again.

Really. Just stop.


  1. While I myself agree with some of the answers I feel as if God has been poorly represented. U can not fully understand Gods ways until u fully understand the world and the devil in it. You see the reason For rape and abortition is to cover up the sin that was committed. A father rapes his daughter , what kind of ish is that ? Would u rape your daughter ? So it's clear that there is an evil so now what is it ? where does it come from ? So until u understand evil u will never understand God.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Anon.

    My response: Until the devil has been eliminated from one's mind, he will always be a block to a real relationship with the Spirit. The devil is the human's way of blaming his own mistakes on something else. The devil is not to blame for man's garbage; man is. The devil is a false idol. To believe in the devil is to waste one's energy--energy that can be put to better use.

    Again, thanks for your comment. I know you are sincere in your beliefs.


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