Saturday, February 20, 2010

Public Option Back on the Stove?


A group of senators has signed on to the public option again. Health care reform without it is useless, they say.

They're right. Unless a public option is part of the bill, I say junk the whole thing.

Democrats, you have already let the Republicans, the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, and the banks--not to mention any other special interest groups that keep putting money in your pockets--walk all over you. You have proved beyond any doubt that you don't deserve to be the party in power.

You should know--and you do--that we independents are probably going to dump most of you Dems who are up for re-election in November. Not because we think the Repubs can do any better. But at least they wear their hypocrisy right out on their sleeves. You try to pretend that you are doing everything for us. Yeah, right. You are fakes, pure and simple. And many of you will soon join the ranks of the unemployed. Hope you can get some benefits. Oh, that's right. You couldn't get them passed. Sorry.

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