Monday, February 15, 2010

Why I Don't Believe in the God of the Bible

Yahweh is a murderer, plain and simple. He is neither loving nor charitable. By the time one gets to the 25th chapter of the fourth book of the Old Testament, the Book of Numbers, he has already knocked off 31,435,181 people for such horrendous acts as complaining about the taste of manna, or for questioning the wisdom of Moses, for blasphemy (whatever that means), and a host of other "sins" that  just seem to piss him off.

That's only four books in. It gets worse from there. You might wonder, if this god is so angry, so egotistical, so cry-baby that he kills off huge numbers of his own creation for infractions that no sane human, let alone the Creator of the Universe, would even consider punishing, then how does he become such a "loving Father" over in the New Testament? Fact is, he doesn't. He is prepared to send 99% of the human race to hell, not because they sin, but because they dare to believe differently than the book tells them to. And each group of "believers" will tell you that they are the ones who know The Truth about that book. They even kick each other off into hell because of these doctrinal differences.

If Yahweh was a human dictator, he would have been overthrown a long time ago as a despot and tyrant.

Hey, now that's an idea...

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