Friday, September 2, 2011

Can You Really Change for the Better? Oh, Yes...

Change is in the air...

"They" tell you to be open to change, that if you really want to grow, to prosper, to realize your full potential, you must embrace change. Maybe. But Fritz Perls said something interesting if not profound that I will share with you here for your consideration:

"Changes are taking place by themselves. If you go deeper into what you are, if you accept what is there, then a change automatically occurs by itself. This is the paradox of change."

Relax. You're changing as you read, as you walk, as you move, even as you sleep. You no longer need to take courses or classes or seminars that say "they'll" teach you how to change. You're an expert already.

A bonus from Dr. Perls:

"If you take responsibility for what you're doing to yourself--how you produce your symptoms, illness, existence--the very moment you get in touch with yourself, growth begins, integration begins."

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