Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Did God Write the New Testament? Or Is It All Made Up?

Growing up fundamentalist Christian, I was taught to believe that God dictated every word of the Bible, especially the King James Version. He actually spoke to the authors in 'thee' and 'thou' phrases. And if I ever questioned it, I was promptly scolded and reminded that God's wrath was mighty, and I as a sinful human was already dangling over the pit of hell, being supported by a mere thread. God could release me at any moment and would I like that? Would I? So I'd best not be opening my claptrap and asking blasphemous questions. Just shut up and take the preacher's word for it. The Bible was written by God.

Then I turned six.

Later, after ditching Santa, the Easter Bunny, and various other saints, I began a journey of discovery that eventually lead me to the conclusion that the Bible is, for the most part, pure fiction, fantasy, and farce. To back up those claims, I studied many scholars and dissidents. The facts of the Bible's creation gradually came clear to me and now, I see it for what it is--a compilation of unrelated and scattered pieces of document put together over hundreds of years, mostly for the benefit of whomever was doing the construction. No ultimate truth of any kind exists within those 'lofty' pages.

If you don't like that possibility, well, that's OK. A lot of folks don't. But if you have an open mind, a searching heart, and a good brain, curious to know what it is you think you believe, check out this site as a good way to get started on a truly shake-up kind of journey:


When you've perused this site for a while, come back and share with me, with us, what you have discovered and how it has affected your view of Scripture.

Mind you, I still believe in a deliberate universe. It just makes sense to me. What doesn't make sense is some kind of separate, distinct, and wrathful deity, easily upset enough by its own creation to threaten it with total destruction, just to soothe its own ego. The Power that brought the universe into existence is beyond my understanding. But It lives in me as me. I feel it, I accept it. But that's just me.

If none of this interests you, if you have already decided one way or the other, then I wish you well.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!


  1. Yes, we have this magical and mysterious connection to the Universe that is well worth appreciating ~

  2. Thanks for your comments. Mystery is the name of the game!


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