Friday, December 2, 2011

What You Don't Know About Christmas--And Probably Should!

Ah, that time of the year again. You're doing your shopping, preparing for another big feast, and getting ready to either bring in lots of folks to your home, or to be a guest in someone else's. Good times. Yeah, very good times. Family, friends, pets, kids, bells, songs, trees, lights, snowmen, and of course, Santa!
Almost forgot Jesus.
Funny thing about Jesus. The Bible never actually tells us when he was born. There are clues, however. In Luke, he is said to be born during the time of Herod, while in Mark, the story simply begins with Jesus' baptism.
So, what's the real deal about Jesus? About Christmas? About mangers and eastern stars and wise astrologers (yes, astrologers) and virgin mothers?
Over the centuries, we've been told a lot of stories about this man, this savior, this so-called king, this Messiah, Son of David, come to save his people from their sins.
But there's a real story, a story that does not fit with the religious rhetoric that has been handed down for at least 200 years in one form and more than a thousand in another form. Nor does it fit with the secular Christmas--the toys, the meals, the caroling--not any of it.
If you want to know the real history of this amazing holiday, there are plenty of places online that will escort you on a great tour. I've picked one of them. Why this one? Because it's more from a Jewish perspective. The Jews are the ones who have borne the brunt of this holiday and its sister, Easter, for many centuries. They have been abused, mocked, and killed by the millions. This site lets them tell a different, maybe better story of Christmas. Read, research, enjoy. And awaken.
I'd love to know your opinion about all this so please do leave a comment below.
Many blessings to you and have a, well, enlightened holiday season.

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  1. jesus christ wasnt born on Christmas. i dont know the whole story but its gotta do something with negotiating with the pagans at that time. 7 chakras Meditation


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