Sunday, October 3, 2010

Personal Mastery--A Taoist Approach

Many Paths, Many Ways, One Source...

"Excellence is being willing to be wrong; perfection is needing to be right." B.M Massie 1996

Taoism has always intrigued me. It's a gentle, yet tough path. Will it move you? Or repulse you? Let's see what the Master says...
  • Knowing nothing: I do not have your answers.
  • Teaching nothing: I only help you self-discover.
  • Preaching nothing: We each find our own 'right' and 'wrong.'
  • Controlling nothing: The future is unpredictable; I choose.
  • Controlling no one: You and I are free.
  • No resistance: I will not 'should' on you or question your rebellion.
  • No credit: No praise, no strings attached.
  • No struggle: I am simply here to help.
  • No blame: Self, or others.
  • No anxiety: Contentment. Satisfaction. Fearlessness.
  • No urgency: Slowing down.
Build or tear down. Seek or withdraw. Love or hate. It is always your choice. And everything has its consequence. 

"Karma simply means you get away with nothing." (Attrib.)

(Cartoon courtesy of Lillyarts) 


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