Friday, May 20, 2011

Angels and Autism: A Special News Release

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May 19, 2011                                      303-697-5543

Autistic People: spiritual savants yearning to teach us about the human soul and mysteries of life

Phoenix, AZ – For years, scientists have tried to unlock the mystery of autism. Now, Wickenburg Arizona residents, Gayle B. Lee and her autistic daughter, Lyrica Mia Marquez offer new hope to autistic people, their parents and the world in their soon to be released award-winning book, AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence.”

Lyrica was born without the ability to move or communicate with the outside world.  A quick recommendation of institutionalization was followed by a diagnosis of autism.  Gayle refused to give-up on her daughter.  At the age of eight, using a supported typing process Lyrica writes, “I am not retarded, I am intelligent.” Suddenly, new doors opened for Gayle, allowing her to see inside her daughter’s autistic world.

Gayle not only realizes her daughter is intelligent, but she has mystical experiences and wisdom beyond our world.  Eventually with the help of this distinctive typing method, Gayle discovers Lyrica’s experiences are not limited to her daughter, as other autistic people have similar occurrences.  She even learns Lyrica and her autistic friends are actually communicating with each other on a telepathic level!

This week “AWEtizm” was nationally recognized as a 2011 Indie Excellence Book Award Winner.  It is co-authored by Gayle and her daughter Lyrica and offers a unique and comprehensive perspective with unforgettable written contributions from three other autistic individuals, Leslie Rau, Kellen Hunt and Sara Orah – all confirming autistic people are here with a purpose.  At the heart of their book is wisdom of the sages, offering readers a spark to their own spiritual magnificence.

Mother and daughter reside in Wickenburg AZ where they continue their work exploring new depths of autism discovering new hope to a misunderstood condition.  Their new book will be officially released June 1.

For more information contact: Alex Marcoux at 303-697-5543 or email at:
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  1. Thank you for this post Richard! This is an amazing story of an autistic mystic sharing wisdom beyond our world.


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